Board of Director Bios

The Management Team

Chip Davis, Farrell Fruge, Paul Melancon, Evan Pyle, Chris Viverata, and Warren Sager have a combined 90 years’ experience in the trade exchange industry with 68 years specific to the creation and management of the original model, PartnersOne. Each currently own or have owned successful small businesses. This experience combined with the specific knowledge of the PartnersOne model and those new exchanges developed upon this model provide an unmatched level of expertise.The current Board of Directors consists of the three original founders, an elected representative of PartnersOne, Inc., and two additional board directors chosen by a majority vote of shareholders. 



David L. “Chip” Davis, President / CEO

A 1982 graduate of Louisiana State University, Chip spent his first few working years in banking and insurance. In 1985, Chip partnered in the start-up of the Sylvan Learning Centers of Baton Rouge franchise where he served in the position of Vice-President/Executive Director and continued to work until he sold his interest in 2009. During those 24 years, Chip developed the local Sylvan franchise to the largest and most recognized provider of supplemental education services in the Baton Rouge area, adding two additional locations and reaching combined annual revenues of over $1,250,000. Chip was recognized by the national Sylvan franchise and corporate community as a leader in his field and served many years as a representative for the Sylvan Franchise Owners Association.


Having been a founding member of the PartnersOne (our model trade exchange) and on the Board of Directors since its inception, in 2003, Chip was elected President of the board. Chip remained on the board in the role of either President or Vice-President through many of its forming years and continued to hold a board seat to present.  Chip has been instrumental in the growth of PartnersOne which now has a membership of over 600 participating business and has become a leading trade exchange in the industry.



Cecil Farrell Frugé, Jr., D.D.S., Vice President

Dr. Frugé received his B.S. degree from Louisiana State University. He received his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the LSU School of Dentistry in 1986, starting his private dental practice in Baton Rouge in that same year. Dr. Frugé has served in various positions on the Greater Baton Rouge Dental Association since 1986 and was on the board of the Baton Rouge Jaycees from 1987 to 1990. He has been elected and is presently serving his second term on the School Board of St. Thomas Moore parochial school in Baton Rouge which oversees all finances and policies of the school.


Dr. Frugé is a founding member of the Partners One. He has been a board member since its inception. Dr. Frugé served as the President of Partners One in its founding years from 2001-02, Vice-President since 2003, President again in 2009-10, and remains on the board through present. He has also been an instrumental figure in the success of PartnersOne.



E. Paul Melancon, Secretary

A graduate of Robert E. Lee High School in 1973, Paul began his working career in 1974 to 1977, where he served as the Branch Manager of Associates Financial Services and oversaw over one million dollars in outstanding accounts. Paul later served as a Loan Officer for Continental Mortgage Services from 1977-80.  In 1980, Paul saw the increased demand for energy efficiency services within the market and started his own company called Energy Doctor. Paul was responsible for all sales, marketing, management, and implementation of energy conservation measures and products for both residential and commercial clientele. He continued in this business until 1996 when he decided to start a new career direction.


Paul joined Business Express as a Trade Broker for the Baton Rouge branch of this trade exchange. In his capacity, Paul oversaw the regional trade of 180 members generating approximately $1.2 million in annual volume. In 2000, Paul continued to utilize his experience in the trade and barter brokering industry when he accepted the position of Executive Director for the then newly formed PartnersOne. Under Paul’s leadership, PartnersOne has grown from a 20 member network to one with over 600 members and one which generated well over $9 million of trade volume in both 2013 & 2014.



Evan Pyle, PartnersOne Representative

A founding member of PartnersOne, Evan Pyle served PartnersOne as Secretary/Treasurer in 2000 and Secretary in 2001 and 2002. Evan has remained a board member of PartnersOne since its inception and has served as Grievance Chair since 2005.  Evan was voted to serve as the permanent PartnersOne board representative of TradeAuthority in the spring of 2010. This link to PartnersOne via this permanent board seat was designed to always provide a level of assurance that TradeAuthority would maintain it's mission to duplicate the PartnersOne model in it's development of new exchanges.  PartnersOne does maintain a small share of TradeAuthority stock and receives services (namely the usage of the QuikTrade Barter Management System) provided by TradeAuthority in exchange for TradeAuthority's exclusive receipt of PartnersOne history and knowledge.





Warren Sager, Treasurer

Mr. Sager has spent 25 years working in various sectors of retail experience, with an emphasis in developing and managing e-commerce platforms.  After receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Management and Finance from Binghamton University in Binghamton, NY, he began his career in management at Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., where he held a number of key management positions before eventually acting as store manager.


In 1996, Mr. Sager became owner and operator of a Louisiana-based factory direct retail establishment that operated three retail locations.  After recognizing the need for an e-commerce platform to serve the small business community, he co-founded Internet Retail Connection in 2004. IRC owns and operates a family of niche e-commerce websites.  Their number one property is


Mr. Sager has been involved in barter exchanges for almost 15 years.  He has been a member of the Partners One trade exchange with 3 different businesses since 2001.  Mr. Sager has served on the board of directors for Partners One for the past 4 years and currently serves as vice president.  Mr. Sager also has served as an executive board member of TradeAuthority ever since it began operations in 2010.



Chris Viverata