TradeAuthority Licensed Operator - Executive Director

TradeAuthority seeks to find, train, and develop licensed operators, sometimes referred to as "Executive Directors" or "Executive Management" to launch and operate new member-owned trade exchanges in their area. The successful launch of that exchange is directly tied to the operators's ability to build a thriving network of small business members. Thus, the operator is one of the most critical factors to the success of a local trade exchange.


TradeAuthority is not the employer, but rather seeks to help develop new exchanges and provide management training, materials, and software services. It licenses "operators" to fulfill the role of providing development and management to the exchange. The operator serves as a contract employee or management company of the very exchange network being developed, but realizes the financial benefits of ownership. To become a TradeAuthority Licensed Operator, there are performance requirements and financial investment, based upon the territory or market size, required.


The ideal candidate for a TA Licensed Operator should have substantial small business experience (preferably as an owner), a long-time resident of the area (minimum population of 50,000 and 3,000 area small businesses) that is highly connected and networked in the small business community with current or previous leadership activity, a person of the highest integrity and character, a recognized trusted individual among his or her peers, and with a fair understanding of economic concepts.  This candidate should also be in a position to financially sustain a year of development and growth in return for greater long term financial benefit. This position should expect to earn compensation according to the success of the exchange in which engaged, but with the successful implementation of that exchange, should expect a compensation package with considerable returns as well as long-term financial protection. Click here to download the current TradeAuthority Licensed Operator Agreement.


If you feel that you fit the above description and are interested in starting a new exchange as a TradeAuthority Licensed Operator (Executive Director) in your area, please complete the following application and submit.

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