Expert Management Services

  • Start-up knowledge and assistance
    TradeAuthority will provide all start-up knowledge, ongoing assistance, and even financial support to the exchanges it assists in forming.
  • Member support
    TradeAuthority provides ongoing support services to assist the membership of an exchange understand and fully utilize the benefits of membership and the usage of their trade dollars.
  • Banker services
    TradeAuthority provides 24/7 support for QuikTrade, terminal transactions, and whatever difficulties that member may be experiencing with the conducting of trade transactions.
  • Staff training and support
    TradeAuthority provides ongoing support, seminars, forums, and conventions as well as continual training opportunities for staff.
  • Management forms and tools
    As in any business, there are forms and tools devised to organize and manage the activities of that business.  Why reinvent the wheel?  TradeAuthority is happy to provide copies of these forms.  The exchange can use them as provided or edit to their liking.
  • Swipe terminals and readers
    As part of its services, TradeAuthority will provide swipe card terminals and offer swipe card readers to the local exchange for distribution to all members as determined in need of such equipment to conduct a speedy and efficient transactional process.
  • Board of Director support
    The strength of an exchange relies heavily upon the Executive Director.  However, the Executive Director can only be as strong as the direction and guidelines provided him or her through the membership of that exchange and the Board of Directors it elects.  TradeAuthority will provide the Board of Directors with copies of policies, procedures, bylaws, guidelines, etc. for their usage, if they so choose.  TradeAuthority can also, as needed, attend board director meetings as a support and for directional advice.