Start Up

We create member-owned exchanges.  So, the first thing we need are members... or at least a representation of businesses who understand the concept and are willing to be the core of the first businesses in an exchange.  We typically seek at least a dozen or so businesses committed to serving as this core in order to start an exchange.


TradeAuthority's work is to solicit and find these first businesses and organize a series of meetings to help them 1) understand the concept, 2) organize their own structure (form an entity, incorporate, and elect a board of directors), 3) identify, if not already provided by TradeAuthority, an Executive Director to manage their exchange, 4) provide setup and operational assistance, and 5) ongoing support as this exchange becomes more and more independent.  It is critical for the core businesses to take an active role in assisting their Executive Director by constantly referring additional businesses to join and by actively converting as many cash expenses to trade expenses.  This core should rapidly grow in size to 30 to 50 businesses and then continue steady growth from there.


A trade exchange is successful when there is trust among its members and staff.  The exchange is member-owned and so those members must take ownership and see to the oversight and health of their exchange.  TradeAuthority is only a service organization.  We are here to help and offer our many years of successful operation and provide those services to help ensure a local exchange's ongoing health and success, but ultimately, the exchange is its own entity and is in the hands of its membership.