Want to Sell Your Exchange?

Often the owner of an individually owned exchange, for various reasons, reaches the point where they are ready to retire or move on to another career opportunity. Unfortunately, there isn't always an available market to buy an exchange, especially if it has either experienced difficulties or the exchange and/or owner holds a large deficit balance creating an inflated currency. Let TradeAuthority help facilitate a "member buyout".  It is likely that this is your best opportunity to receive "top dollar" for your exchange with the least disruption to ongoing trade.

TradeAuthority will assist with the conversion.  We would first meet with the current owner to study the current operations and try to help establish a value based upon industry standards and current metrics. After a value and basic parameters of a "buy out" have been established, TradeAuthority would help structure and make a presentation to current core business members who might take an active role in establishing a new controlling entity and perhaps serving on its first board of directors.  TradeAuthority would help negotiate the terms of the "buy out" providing win-win solutions for both the current owner and the new member owners. TradeAuthority would position itself as a resource to the new entity, helping locate an Executive Director to manage the new member-owned exchange and providing ongoing training to this Executive Director and board of directors in establishing our proven policies and procedures for effectively running a member-owned exchange.  Of course, TradeAuthority would also provide it's QuikTrade Barter Management Software to this new exchange.

If you would like to discuss the possibilities of TradeAuthority assisting with the sale and conversion of your exchange, please contact us today!